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Kneading machine



Chemical Machinery

Resumen: La compañía opera una gama completa de productos, incluyendo granuladores, extrusoras, pulverizadores, molinos, chillers, máquinas de alimentación automática...


1. Product Introduction:
Kneading machine is a special type of mixing and stirring equipment, the most commonly used of which is to use two Σ The propeller blades are arranged in a parallel tangential differential type, with one stirring blade having a fast speed and the other stirring blade having a slow speed, in order to generate shear force. Different blade speeds enable the mixed materials to be quickly sheared, thereby ensuring even mixing of the materials.

2. Application scope:
Gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, inks, food adhesives, pharmaceutical agents, building coatings, carbon, fiber, high viscosity sealants, neutral glass glue, aluminum silver paste, silicone, pulp, cellulose, battery paste, dyes, organic silicone resin, cosmetics, space sand and other industries.


Model 10L 100L 500L 1000L
Main motor 2.2kw-4p 5.5kw-4p 22kw-4p 30kw-4p
Gearbox 1 # Cycloidal pinwheel reducer 3 # Cycloidal pinwheel reducer 180 hard tooth surface reducer 224 hard tooth surface reducer
Material of cylinder body The part in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel material
Inner wall of the box 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 4mm 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 8mm
Box side panel Q235 6mm Q235 8mm Q235 16mm Q235 16mm
Composite 304 stainless steel 2mm Composite 304 stainless steel 3mm Composite 304 stainless steel 3mm Composite 304 stainless steel 3mm
Bearing The support material is carbon steel
Upper cover Thick stainless steel material 2mm Thick stainless steel material 2mm Thick stainless steel material 4mm Thick stainless steel material 4mm
Opening method Manual Manual booster Manual booster hydraulic pressure
Flipping cylinder method Manual hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure hydraulic pressure
Stirring paddle Cast steel material combined with stainless steel
Stirring blade shape Z-shaped twin paddles
Mixing paddle speed Fast paddle 33 rpm, slow paddle 21 rpm
Sealing method of the box Packing seal
Mixing Paddle and Wall End face clearance 2.5mm~3mm 2.5mm~3mm 2.5mm~3mm 2.5mm~3mm
Heating method Electric heating 800w*3 pcs Electric heating 4000w*3 pcs Electric heating 4000w*6 pcs Electric heating 4000w*9 pcs
Material of jacket Q235 Q235 Q235 Q235
Control system Electric disk Electric disk Electric disk Electric disk
External dimensions 1100*450*450mm 2000*1200*1200mm 2600*1600*1700mm 3000*1800*1800mm
Overall weight 150kg 800kg 3000kg 5000kg
Spiral discharge parameters / 3kw, 7.5kw 11kw
 2 # cycloidal needle reducer 3 # cycloidal needle reducer 4 # cycloidal needle reducer




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